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Ramallah, P.O Box 705

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Ramallah, P.O Box 705

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About Us

President Mahmoud Abbas met with President Emmanuel Macron, at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France on July 5th, 2017. They signed an agreement to open Lycée Français International de Ramallah which opened its doors to students in November 2017.

The Lycée Français International de Ramallah is a renowned trilingual school (French, English, and Arabic) approved by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and accredited by the French Ministry of National Education. The school is operated and directed by the Mission Laïque Française (MLF) which was created in 1902 as a non-profit association and carries out a public service mission to educate students all over the world. The MLF creates and runs primary, middle and secondary schools worldwide which includes 111 institutions in 39 different countries and 55000 students around the world. 

Located in Ramallah, the Lycée will be the only school in Palestine to provide a world-class education based on a combination of the French, English, and Arabic high-quality programs. Being a member of the MLF network, students have access to schools in the same teaching philosophy and curriculum anytime during the school year if the family chooses to relocate.

The school will be accredited to prepare students for the French secondary exams (Baccalauréat) and the IB (International Baccalaureate) to thrive at universities globally.

Lycée’s main goal is to create a desire in the children to come to school. Therefore, it offers a complete school curriculum in French, English, and Arabic for children aged 3 to 18 representing varied backgrounds. Being operated by the MLF, the Lycée will follow the principles and values of free judgment, respect for others, understanding heritage and history, and open-mindedness to the world in its diversity.

Our students will gain a high-quality, well-rounded education in an international yet multicultural environment by a qualified team of French and local teachers who will help them with socializing skills, learning to express themselves as well as understanding the consequences of their actions and encourage their personal initiative, creativity and curiosity.

Our Vision

With excellence, rigor, and kindness as the core value at the Lycée Français International de Ramallah, our vision is to prepare multilingual, academically, and socially prepared students to be leaders and positively impact their communities.


Our Mission

The Lycée Français International de Ramallah mission is to provide an inclusive and diverse learning environment in which rigorous international programs foster academic excellence, innovation, creativity and cross-cultural communication to inspire a passion for learning and empower each student with knowledge, understanding and open-mindedness.