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Ramallah, P.O Box 705

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Ramallah, P.O Box 705

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Maternelle school

The Maternelle is divided into 3 main sections:

PS: Petite section de Maternelle / Pre-kindergarten
(2.5 years old)

MS: Moyenne section de Maternelle / KG1
(4 years old)

GS: Grande section de Maternelle/ KG2
(5 years old)

Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, ages 2.5–5 years old is Maternelle.

Our Maternelle is not a nursery nor a daycare, but it is a place of initial learning where the child is fully integrated in the multicultural and trilingual environment. It has a structural educational purpose and an official curriculum. The preschool prepares non-French speaking children to start becoming a citizen and develop their social skills where they learn to respect others and appreciate different cultures. They develop their independence by socializing with the community that they are surrounded with.

By creating a desire to come to school and learn, the Maternelle will be a place where the child will be able to grow in a caring and warm international environment, with respect to each child’s own nationality. At Maternelle, the children will be able to explore their personalities in a multicultural and trilingual atmosphere.

During the first year, teachers will use body language, visual cues, manipulation, exaggerated facial expressions and expressive intonation to communicate with the kids. They will structure the day with familiar routines using songs, rhymes, games, and fun academic activities.

Each class will be led by a certified French teacher and supported by a trilingual certified assistant who will work cooperatively to provide a language-rich environment and help the children to become autonomous and respectful. This will allow the kids to make connections between their native language and the languages they are learning. Children will interact through discovery, free or guided activities, rich and varied exercises such as: cooking, painting, modeling, and prewriting skills. Kindergarten students also engage in learning exercises with a school counselor to foster character building and self-management skills. Through these exercises, students are actively involved in the problem-solving process and build empathy skills by learning to understand emotions experienced from another person’s perspective.

Lycée students begin at age 3 learning by activities and interactive lessons that grow their natural abilities as well as their desire to explore the world. Pre-elementary students learn one-on-one through games, practicing and remembering so they can:

Get to know and strengthen language skills and knowledge of the child as well as discovering new cultures.

Exercise self-expression through different activities.

Learn math basics (counting and problem-solving).

Learn the relationship between sounds and letters.

Explore their curiosity about the world around them.

Develop and express an understanding of feelings, imagination, and creativity.

Body movement and expression

Living together and learn how to become a student.

Our teachers will ensure and provide all the skills above by the pre-elementary curriculum which works on cultivating language skills and character development to prepare Lycée students to reach their fullest potential in elementary school and beyond.