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Ramallah, P.O Box 705

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Ramallah, P.O Box 705

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Primary School

Primary school consiste of Nursery School (from small to large section) and Elementary School (from CP to CM2).


he training provided at elementary school ensures the acquisition of basic fundamental knowledge tools: oral and written expression, literacy, numeracy and problem solving, and fosters the intellectual development, the artistic sensitivity, manual, physical and sports aptitudes. It provides the elements of a historic, geographic, scientific and technic culture. It offers an education in visual and music arts. It ensures the teaching of a foreign modern language and can include an initiation into cultural diversity. It also contributes to digital and media literacy. It insures the acquisition and the understanding of the respect due to individuals, for their origins and differences. It also transmits the need to respect children’s rights and gender equality.

The Common Core of Knowledge, Skills, and Culture:

Students begin acquiring the Common Core in elementary school. Designed to identify the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes necessary for student to be successful in their schooling, personal life, and life as a future active citizen, the Common Core is taught through different pedagogical methods and courses. For example, students will start to develop critical thinking skills in their Moral and Civic education course. The Common Core is taught to students age 6-16, where they begin learning about it in elementary school first.

Subjects and disciplines:

In elementary school, students are taught several different subjects and disciplines. They lean: French, a modern language, art, music, physical education and sports, moral and civic education, history-geography, and math. Each of these subjects is taught so that students lean not only basic facts and information, but the methodology on how best to learn and engage with this new material. Some skills which hope to be developed and drawn out of these subjects include: critical thinking, oral and written comprehension, mathematical and special comprehension, reasoning, language learning, personal and emotional expression, following the rules and being responsible, adapting to various environments, and how to work individually or as a team to achieve certain goals.

Cycle 2 (fundamental learning cycle)

During Cycle 2 (fundamental learning cycle), priority is given to the mastery of languages. French language constitutes the central learning item for pupils to acquire strong reading and writing skills. Through language, they learn to make connections between different subjects and disciplines, and to give meaning to their instruction. In Cycle 2, students also begin to learn a foreign or a regional language. Furthermore, they are taught how to complete basic learning activities and to justify rationally their answers and approaches. Through regular memorization activities.