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Ramallah, P.O Box 705

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Ramallah, P.O Box 705

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Primary School

During this cycle of fundamental learning, students are encouraged to become more autonomous. The primary objectives of CP/ Grade 1 & CE1 / Grade 2 are the learning of reading, writing, and speaking in French, English, and Arabic, and the knowledge & understanding of numbers, including how to write numbers and how to calculate small quantities. At the end of CE1/Grade 2, students should have acquired a basic mastery of these skills as well as addition and subtraction techniques.

The objectives of CE2 (Grade 3), CM1 (Grade 4) & CM2 (Grade 5) are the command of the three languages and the main elements of mathematics. In addition, literature, geography, history, experimental sciences and technology are taught in those grades, expanding the student’s knowledge base and extending their aptitude. The use of IT tools in various school activities increases autonomy, reflection, observation, and creative imagination, considered as conditions for success at school. These skills allow each student to gain self-confidence and increase learning proficiency- tools that will serve them well at the intermediate and secondary school levels, and later on in all domains.


The Primary School at LFIR is compliant with the French Ministry of Education and follows the Scope and Sequence of the French Programme.

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Elementary school (Elémentaire)
From CP to CM2 – Year 1 to Year 5

The elementary school takes children aged from 6 to 10 years old and focuses on the written language (Years 1-3) and consolidation of knowledge (Years 4-5) and prepares for secondary education.

From year one to three in the elementary school, children are introduced to French and English, mathematics, discovery activities, the visual arts, music and physical education.

In Years 4 and 5 (cycle 3) other subjects are studied in more details: literature, history and geography, experimental science and technology. .

The elementary school is the first contact with structural learning and traditional essentials such as reading, writing and mathematics. This stage is considered as a traditional preparation for further education such as work and study habits, neatness, intellectual discipline and respect.